We do work our grandmothers would be proud of.

Vivian & Co is about running sustainable, mission driven businesses. To strive for better solutions, more education, more sustainability. To see our reefs and forests coming back, to respect each other, and to run awesome businesses that serve our communities. The name celebrates our grandmothers, they paved the way for women-owned businesses, for thinking outside of the box, and for loving life, family and nature.

Founded in 2019, we are a values first organization who will donate to nonprofits, invest in companies and partner with organizations who support our mission. We specialize in early to mid-stage companies, we can help you shape your teams, think about investments, business models, operational, political and marketing strategies.

We are currently not taking on any new major projects, but are always happy to meet and chat about options or just enjoy a good coffee and conversation. We want to hear about what’s working for you and help accelerate the evolution and real life application of new sustainable models.

We are also in the long process of learning about what’s working and as we hear interesting stories, meet interesting people, or visit a new place we will tell those stories.

We want to help create and share stories of good humans doing good business.


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